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MyKlinik is a platform developed to facilitate the total management at the clinic via an integrated system. The integrated system involves 3 main components: user, clinic and employer.
MyKlinik can be accessed through the web (web based) and smart phone applications (mobile apps).


MyKlinik Why us over others?

  • MyKlinik Procurement

  • MyKlinik MarketPlace

  • MyKlinik MedicalFair

Pre-Register and Booking Appointment
User easily can register before going to the clinic. User can see the queue number in waiting on the selected favourite clinic.

Personal Medical Report
User can track back personal medical report such as a visit log, procedure, services, medicines, bill & Medical Certificate (MC).

Employer Connected
MyKlinik support an employer to connect their staff to medical facilities such as a Clinic Visit Request, Medical Certificate (MC) and Yearly Bill Limit.

Two Way Communications
With MyKlinik, Users can communicate with their favourite clinic and employer.


For User

Difficult to find a clinic that suits your needs?

Want to get the latest promotions and offers from clinics?

Difficult to communicate with the clinic pertaining to health problems?

Unsure about your Medical Certificate (MC) and annual medical limit?

Want to get your medical history record?

Let MyKlinik help you.  


For Clinic

How is the patients management in your clinic?

Are you still using manual or software system?

How is your current software system able to facilitate the work process efficiently?

Are the records and bills still stored manually?

You need to do more product & services promotions?

Equip your clinic with a more effective MyKlinik Management System.


For Employer

Burdened with employee health records?

Difficulty to handle your employee’s clinic yearly expenses limits?

Having a foreign workers which requires an annual health check-ups?

Having multiple panel clinics to manage?

MyKlinik provides Employee Clinic Management System.

MyKlinik Features

MyKlinik For User

1. Clinic Search / Clinic Directory
List of more than10,000 clinics. Search clinic nearby you and check out the facilities and services suits your medical conditions.

2. Clinic Favourite
Allow to set Favourite for your favourite clinic – Info on Demand, Check in / Check Out, Live Queue, Doctor and Nurse on Duty and Services Availability in details.

3. Pre-registration & Appointment
You can pre-register before you go to the clinic. Allow you to see a queue number/ticketing number in waiting for Favourite clinic.

4. Personal Medical Record
You can track your personal medical record from all the clinics you have visited.

5. Family Medical Record (Link Account)
Users can also monitor the medical records of their dependents.

MyKlinik For Clinic

1. Clinic Profile
Manage your Clinic Profile such as address, contact number, operation hour, doctor and list of facilities and services available to be a Favourite Clinic among MyKlinik mobile apps user.

2. Patient Engagement Managment
It is like you have your own mobile apps – 2 ways communication, clinic can blast a promotion and campaigns to your patients.

3. Pre-registration & Appointment Management
Clinic can manage a pre-registration and appointment.

4. Operation Management
Manage patient start from registration until dispensary. This module integrated with issuance of Medical Certificate (MC) & receipt.

5. Employer Claim Management
Check, generate invoice and monitor payment status for claim of
Direct Panel Company.

6. TPA-Insurance Claim Management
Check, generate invoice and monitor payment status for claim of

7. Clinic Staff Attendane/Salary Management

MyKlinik For Employer

1. Clinic Panel Management
Add your appointed clinic panel and manage the term & policy here.

2. Employee Engagement Management
It’s like you have your own mobile apps - 2 ways communication and send an information to employer regarding health care issues.

3. Clinic Visit Approval Management
This module allows management to process employee request to go to the panel clinic with systematic monitoring.

4. Employee MC & Yearly Bill Limit Management
All Employees Medical Certificate (MC) & Yearly Bill Limit issued by clinic panel can be seen in single module.

5. Claim Management
All Clinic Panel Claim details can be seen in single module.

MyKlinik How To Start


Step 1. Download the Apps - Google | AppleStore.
Step 2. Clik and choose Clinic Fav (Clinic Favorite).
Step 3. Request an activation code from your employer to use My Employer.
Step 4. Can view a Special promotions from Clinic Fav.
Step 5. Medical Check Up Hub.
Step 6. Medical Gadget Hub.

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